OPEN, ACCESS, promiscuity …all bubble but no squeak

Has come out to wreck LU’s Open Access week

With definitions so pious and platitudes by the score

Cry out..

Free! Open! Saviours STOP! It makes our ears sore!

Open this Open that.. Is it Gold or just Green?

With MOOCS, mashups and link rot UG, it sounds quite obscene!

Defining OA can lead to copious frustrations

With Berlin, APCs and even Budapest declarations!

With this hype and confusion getting us in the poo

What on earth are our glorious researchers to do?

With this rapidly growing Open Access disputation

We must at all cost, AFFIRM academic reputation!!!

Researcher’s Lament was written for an OA week at Lincoln University, June 2014, as part of the LU Great Debate 2014 – for the negative side. The moot: Open Access enhances academic reputation.  Penny is the University Librarian and Professor Digital Knowledge Systems at Lincoln University.

This poem is licensed CC-BY