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Copyright and Open Access

Continuing our theme for Open Access Week 2015, Anton Angelo talks about the difficulties reconciling copyright and Open Access

Open Access in Aotearoa: where we are now

Matt McGregor of Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ interviews Fabiana Kubke, Senior Lecturer in the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Auckland, about the progress of Open Access in NZ: where we are, and what still needs to be done.

Open Access Week is here again!

Take a peek at some of the excellent things happening around the country and the world this week for Open Access Week 2015, including how you can join in!

Copyright in academic publishing

Richard White, Manager, Copyright and Open Access at the University of Otago, gives a general introduction to negotiating copyright in academic publishing.

Open Access Publishing at

by Eric Hellman

EPress: Open Access publishing at Unitec

by Elizabeth Heritage

Open Access and the PBRF

by Deborah Fitchett

Open Access to scholarly monographs

by C Emery & L Montgomery

Embargoes in academic publishing

by Anton Angelo

Open Access to conference literature

by Deborah Fitchett