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Copyright for Libraries, Museums and Archives

CCANZ intern Alec Duncan investigates the ways in which NZ copyright law works – or doesn’t – for Aotearoa’s heritage (GLAM) institutions.

GIF IT UP 2015

Unleash your inner digital artist and enter GIF IT UP 2015! Elizabeth Heritage discusses GIFs in the context of Open GLAM in Aotearoa.

Towards a Connected Commons

BY SARAH POWELL Over the last decade the conversation surrounding the reuse of digital collections from cultural heritage institutions has grown louder. The rise of digital technologies has created a friction between the traditional role of the museum, gallery, library or archive as gatekeepers and the expectations placed on them by users for immediate and…

Creative Commons GLAM Road Trip

By Matt McGregor

A Busy Year for the Commons in Aotearoa

By Matt McGregor

Marsden Online Archive CC licensed

by Elizabeth Heritage

The National Library’s New Use & Reuse Policy

By Matt McGregor

Te Papa’s openly licensed images

by Elizabeth Heritage

What CC means for your Gran (or Grandchild)

By Mike Riversdale

Opening New Zealand’s WW1 Photography

By Matt McGregor