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Creative Commons and Open Education: Double Farley Creative Partners

Double Farley Creative Partners Ltd Creative Directors Melita Farley and Kevin Double talk about open education and Creative Commons.

Let’s Sprint: A New(ish) Model to Make Open Educational Resources

Earlier this week, we announced our plans to organise the Great 2016 Open Educational Resource Sprints. But when you announce a new idea like an OER Sprint, you quickly find people asking a few quite important questions – questions like, what’s an OER Sprint, anyway?

Do I really have to think about copyright? Creative Commons policies in kiwi schools

Around 100 kiwi schools have Creative Commons policies, including some of the largest schools in the country, such as Hutt Valley High School, Burnside High School and Middleton Grange. They are helping to grow a commons of educational resources, where the end user doesn’t need to think about copyright.

OER in Australia: Its Time Has Come

OER initiatives are emerging at an increasing rate throughout Australia, both at the government and institutional levels. Unlike NZ, where OER is being implemented organically at a school level with the assistance of Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand (CCANZ), OER in Australia is being implemented by governments and educational bodies as part of the Australian Government Open Licensing Programme, AusGOAL.

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Where to next for open education?

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Greek Gifts: Openly Licensed Translations

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The Computer Science Field Guide

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Open Education on the road

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Education: a commons-based future

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