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New openly licensed ebook on NZ arts and crafts design

Ann Calhoun’s new ebook ‘Arts & Crafts Design: “like yet not like” nature: sources for a New Zealand story’ is licensed CC BY-NC-ND and free to download. She discussed the reasons behind her decision to use open licensing.

Artist William McKee discusses Creative Commons, open source and open education

“I use Creative Commons as an artist in the hope that it helps promote my artwork, and to make the world a better place,” says William. “Others may find uses for my art and even make money from it, good on them!”

NZ On Screen and Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

by I Gardiner & S Davy

Fan Fiction and Creative Commons

By Elsbeth Hymes Hancock

Illustrating with Creative Commons

by Elizabeth Heritage

Ad Lib: novel published under CC

By Elizabeth Heritage

Why authors should oppose DRM in ebooks

By Darusha Wehm

Licence to Read

By Elizabeth Heritage

Lend Wikipedia Your Cameras!

By Stuart Yeates

The Unintended Benefits of Libre

By Danyl Strype