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Alec Duncan

Alec Duncan has contributed 2 articles.

Amanda Curnow

Amanda Curnow is the Web Technologies Librarian at Massey University Library

Amanda Curnow has contributed 1 article.

Anton Angelo

Anton Angelo is the Repository Manager at the University of Canterbury Library, and a member of the NZCommons editorial board.

Anton Angelo has contributed 5 articles.

Australian National Copyright Unit

Australian National Copyright Unit has contributed 1 article.

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson has recently retired from the position of Director, Distance Learning, at the University of Otago.

Bill Anderson has contributed 1 article.

Billy Meinke

Meinke is an educational technologist with College of Education at the University of Hawaii, and was formerly on the education team at Creative Commons international HQ

Billy Meinke has contributed 1 article.

Cameron McLean

Cameron McLean is a PhD Candidate at the University of Auckland and an Open Science Advocate.

Cameron McLean has contributed 1 article.

Christina Emery

Christina Emery is the Project Coordinator at Knowledge Unlatched in London.

Christina Emery has contributed 1 article.

Daniel Strypey Bruce

Daniel is a community organiser and long-time Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ supporter, based in Ōtepoti (Dunedin). Daniel set up InterActive, a media activist resource centre and was one of the founders of pioneering citizen journalism website Aotearoa In­dymedia. He also set up the Aotearoa Permaculture Network. Daniel also helped to kick off the Aotearoa/ New Zealand localisation of the CreativeCommons licenses with the cc-nz email list. You can read Daniel's full bio at Disintermedia.

Daniel Strypey Bruce has contributed 1 article.

Darusha Wehm

Darusha Wehm’s fifth novel, Children of Arkadia, is forthcoming in Autumn 2015.

Darusha Wehm has contributed 1 article.

Deborah Fitchett

Deborah Fitchett is Senior Advisor Digital Access in Lincoln University's Library, Teaching and Learning; has an abiding interest in Open Access; and blogs sporadically on her website.

Deborah Fitchett has contributed 2 articles.

Elizabeth Heritage

Elizabeth Heritage is the Communications Lead at Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand.

Elizabeth Heritage has contributed 19 articles.

Elsbeth Hymes Hancock

Elsbeth is a recent immigrant to New Zealand who has recently finished her PhD and continues to follow her passions of writing and travelling.

Elsbeth Hymes Hancock has contributed 1 article.

Eric Hellman

Eric Hellman is the President and Founder of Gluejar, the company that operates

Eric Hellman has contributed 1 article.

Harry Chapman

Harry Chapman is a politics student from Wellington, New Zealand, currently doing his Masters on the social acceptability of talking about politics on social media. This piece is reposted from his blog, Howdy Stranger, which has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Harry Chapman has contributed 1 article.

Hemma Vara

Hemma Vara is a young professional and avid fashionista who resides in Wellington

Hemma Vara has contributed 1 article.

Hunter Wilson-Burke

Hunter Wilson-Burke is a third-year BA student at Victoria University studying Political Science and Philosophy. He is a former intern of Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand, focusing on the use and adoption of open education in New Zealand’s educational institutions.

Hunter Wilson-Burke has contributed 2 articles.

Irene Gardiner

Content Director for NZ On Screen

Irene Gardiner has contributed 1 article.

Judith Carnaby

Judith Carnaby is a Berlin-based Kiwi illustrator.

Judith Carnaby has contributed 1 article.

Katarina Gray-Sharpe

Katarina Gray-Sharp is sometimes an academic, always a patternfinder, and can be found on Twitter @teachingconsult.

Katarina Gray-Sharpe has contributed 1 article.

Lucy Montgomery

Lucy Montgomery is the Principal Research Fellow at the Center for Culture and Technology at Curtin University in Western Australia.

Lucy Montgomery has contributed 1 article.

Marcus Stenfert Kroes

Marcus Stenfert Kroese is a final-year Software Engineering student at the University of Canterbury. His Honours research is focused on improving the system that the Computer Science Field Guide is built upon.

Marcus Stenfert Kroes has contributed 1 article.

Matt McGregor

Matt McGregor is the Public Lead at Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand

Matt McGregor has contributed 24 articles.

Mike Riversdale

Mike Riversdale helps individuals and companies become more successful by motivating, mentoring and supporting their technical/information teams. He is on Twitter @miramarmike and is the co-host of the Access Granted podcast.

Mike Riversdale has contributed 2 articles.

Nathan Parker

Nathan Parker is an educator with a particular interest in envirethical issues and Open Source softwar

Nathan Parker has contributed 1 article.

Nicole Nogoy

Dr Nicole Nogoy is the Commissioning Editor of GigaScience and an Open Access, Open Data advocate.

Nicole Nogoy has contributed 1 article.

Paul Callister

Paul Callister is a New Zealand economist who has conducted research on local, national, and cross-national issues for a wide range of public, private sector and voluntary organisations. This post was originally published at Callister & Associates.

Paul Callister has contributed 1 article.

Penny Carnaby

Penny is the University Librarian and Professor Digital Knowledge Systems at Lincoln University.

Penny Carnaby has contributed 1 article.

Richard White

Richard White is Manager, Copyright and Open Access, at the University of Otago. He blogs at Open Otago. He is also a musician who releases his work under CC BY-SA. You can listen to Richard’s music at his Soundcloud page and follow him on Twitter @rkawhite

Richard White has contributed 2 articles.

Rupert Gatti

Dr. Rupert Gatti is a co-founder and the third Director of Open Book Publishers. He is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he is a Director of Studies in Economics. His published academic work includes microeconomic analysis of competition in online markets, game theory and search theory. He has held visiting positions at MIT and University of Florence, acted as an Economic Advisor on several EU competition studies, is on the advisory board of a range of Open Access initiatives and is a frequently invited speaker on the OA movement.

Rupert Gatti has contributed 1 article.

Sarah Davy

Head of Operations at Ngā Taonga

Sarah Davy has contributed 1 article.

Sarah Powell

Sarah Powell is a Masters of Museum and Heritage Studies Student at Victoria University of Wellington and is actively helping GLAMs open up their digital collections.

Sarah Powell has contributed 1 article.

Stuart Yeates

Stuart Yeates is a New Zealand Wikimedian and librarian.

Stuart Yeates has contributed 1 article.

Thomas Huthwaite

Thomas Huthwaite is an Associate at Baldwins Intellectual Property, an intellectual property patent attorney firm

Thomas Huthwaite has contributed 2 articles.

Tim Bell

Tim Bell is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury. His main current research interest is computer science education.

Tim Bell has contributed 1 article.

Tim McNamara

Tim McNamara connects researchers with supercomputers at the New Zealand e-Science Infrastructure. You can follow him on Twitter at @timclicks

Tim McNamara has contributed 1 article.

Victoria Rea

Victoria Rea is a student at Victoria University of Wellington School of Law, and was an intern with Creative Commons.

Victoria Rea has contributed 3 articles.