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New Zealand Teachers, Copyright and Copyright Reform

Alec Duncan investigates the complex exceptions and permitted uses for educators under the 1994 Copyright Act, and considers how the Act might be reformed for the benefit of New Zealand teachers.

Artist William McKee discusses Creative Commons, open source and open education

“I use Creative Commons as an artist in the hope that it helps promote my artwork, and to make the world a better place,” says William. “Others may find uses for my art and even make money from it, good on them!”

Let’s Sprint: A New(ish) Model to Make Open Educational Resources

Earlier this week, we announced our plans to organise the Great 2016 Open Educational Resource Sprints. But when you announce a new idea like an OER Sprint, you quickly find people asking a few quite important questions – questions like, what’s an OER Sprint, anyway?

Do I really have to think about copyright? Creative Commons policies in kiwi schools

Around 100 kiwi schools have Creative Commons policies, including some of the largest schools in the country, such as Hutt Valley High School, Burnside High School and Middleton Grange. They are helping to grow a commons of educational resources, where the end user doesn’t need to think about copyright.

Creating a Copyright Work: Is My “Time and Effort” Enough?

If a work is not particularly creative, then how much skill, judgement or labour is required before it becomes an “original” copyright work? Thomas Huthwaite considers this question with a discussion of the The Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient religious manuscripts dating back to 200 BC.

Men Playing

More Collaboration in Tertiary Education

By Hunter Wilson-Burke

Irises by Van Gogh

New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing Framework – Version 2

By Matt McGregor

Creative Commons Schools Road Trip

By Matt McGregor